The catch and release season at the Missouri trout parks ended on the 13th of February so I made it a point to make a trip to Montauk for at least one day during that final weekend.

I checked the weather reports and decided that the 10th would be my best chance of reasonable weather. The weather people predicted temperatures in the 50’s and perhaps even into the 60’s and no rain. They said I may have to contend with a slight wind but that would be OK. 

So I left the house on the 10th, loaded down with all my gear and headed for Montauk. I made this trip alone because even though my wife is a very good fishing buddy, she is strictly a warm weather fishing buddy and so she told me that I was on my own on this day.

One of the many benefits of this early, pre-March fishing trip is that it serves as a dry run to get back into the routine of planning and going on fishing expeditions after being cooped up for most of the winter and makes sure that all my gear is working OK and in tip-top order; no leaks in the waders, the rod and reel are working smoothly and of course, a chance to try out all those flies I’ve been tying since last November.

March and the beginning of trout season was coming up and I wanted to make sure that everything was in working order and ready to go. I plan on being at Montauk sometime in March, just not on the 1st.

I must point out now that I am not a participant of the March 1st opening day festivities. As gung-ho as I am about fly fishing, I am not one of those first of the month guys. 

I’ve been there as early as the 2nd and 3rd but never on the 1st. I’m just not a fan of the elbow to elbow fishing and tangled lines and all that sort of thing. I’m not saying I’ll never try it, but it is definitely not a bucket list item.

I realize it is something that is rich in tradition and there are those who wouldn’t miss it for anything, no matter the temperature or the depth of the ice and snow, and I wish them the best and admire them for keeping the tradition going year after year.

I am happy that March is here only because it is the start of the regular season and spring is not too far beyond that.

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