I was telling someone the other day that Missouri’s state conservation program really does seem to be top notch.

This rings especially true when one considers how Missouri has rebuilt its whitetailed deer population from critical status to one where there are now generous bag limits.

In 1925, Missouri’s deer population was estimated to be as low as only 400 in the entire state! I’ve heard stories passed down in my neck of the woods about how in those days it used to be remarkable when someone would actually see a deer, and would be the subject of conversation at the local general store.

“Did you hear about ol’ so-and-so? Said he saw a buck deer the other day.”

“No kidding? Where at?”

Wes Franklin

Today the state’s deer population tops 1.4 million due to responsible management, and we’ve had an official deer season since 1944. Hats off to Missouri!

As you hit the deer woods this season, keep in mind some old Ozark tips, as recorded by the late, great folklorist Vance Randolph in his wonderful book “Ozark Superstitions,” first published in 1947.

First of all, it’s bad luck to hunt on a Sunday. Venturing out on the Lord’s Day, when you ought to be at rest as commanded by Scripture, won’t get you anything but trouble.

When I say it’s bad luck to hunt on Sunday, I don’t mean you won’t see a deer. The chances of seeing a whitetail on a Sunday are just as good as any other day.

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