Joe Dice, who constructed more than 20 suspension bridges in the Osage River valley, was the most prolific and best known, but he was not the only builder of suspension bridges along the Osage.

The plaque on this bridge reads: “19-Monegaw-13 Built by Bledsoe & Alspach.”

monegaw-springs-bridge-oldThe wooden towers protected the connections of the suspension wires from weathering. A farmer in coveralls stands by the bridge, as two guys in a horse-drawn wagon cross it.

This “swinger” is numbered in the inventory of historic bridges on In the comments you’ll find some personal recollections of the bridge. One brought up the Jesse James/Cole Younger gang. Another person remembered that his grandfather used to fish from the bridge and “now all that is left is just the pillars of it.”

Tip Coleman posted on (March 18, 2013) his description of watching the final disposition of this suspension bridge. Coleman wrote:

“As a youngster, I crossed this bridge many times, both in my parents car, and on foot. A truck hauling logs fell thru the south approach to the south tower, and the bridge was closed from that time. This was about 1942 plus or minus a few years.

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