This appears to be the year for astrological events. After the rained-out stargazing event this spring at Loggers Lake Camp Ground, Bill and Judy Aaron have arranged another stargazing event with astronomer Joseph Shuster on Aug. 12.

This viewing event will begin at 8 pm. For those who want to take part in this event, the Aarons are waving the day use fees after 6 p.m.

The following is Mr. Shuster’s description of the anticipated event:

“We will start the event at sunset by hunting for the biggest planet, Jupiter, in the twilight skies. The telescopes will show cloud bands on Jupiter. Later, as the skies darken, three and later, four of Jupiter’s moons will be visible.

“After the stars start to come out, we can find Saturn in the sky. The famous rings will be visible in the telescopes and later, we’ll see the biggest moon in the solar system, Titan. We might see more of Saturn’s moons late in the event.

“We’ll browse the summer constellations: Hercules, Cygnus the swan, Aquila the eagle, Scorpius the scorpion, plus a teapot in the sky. We’ll explore some of summer’s interesting double stars, too.

“As the sky becomes darker, we’ll see the Milky Way. Then we can explore the different star clusters and gas clouds. The Hercules Cluster is a ‘disco ball’ of stars. The Dumbbell Nebula shows a star starting to die. The Lagoon Nebula shows gas slowly collecting to form future stars.

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