R&L Marine Boat and Motor Sales and Services is located at Rt. 3, Box  3650, in Piedmont, Mo.

“We are a full-line marine business and we are a dealer for Tohatsu, Honda, Suzuki Motors, and Voyager Pontoons, Duro Craft, Blazer, and our own custom boat ‘Rapture’,” said Linda Laplant, owner.

R&L Marine sells both boat trailers and trolling motors. They also have a large line of boat accessories.

“This year we are proud to have added our Duro Craft boats,” said Laplant.

R&L Marine has been blessed with lots of sales and repairs, according to Laplant.

“We always look forward to customizing new boats, which is one of my favorite parts of the business,” said Laplant.

Lapland has over 48 years of experience in this industry and keeps up with new technology the business demands.

“We are with BBB and strive to give you the boat you want for a fair price,” said Laplant. “A lot of our customers become our friends. Our goal is happy customers, happy friends.”

R&L Marine can be reached at www.rlmarine.net or (573) 223-7060.