5 years ago

• Two of the four trout streams in Missouri are in traditional Traveler territory: Maramec Spring Park, near St. James, and Montuak State Park, south of Salem. Both lend themselves well to fly fishing. (Bill Cooper)

• A Missouri senator with a background in farming, and a track record of hunting and gun legislation support, has presented a bill in Jefferson City which would allow for the killing of mountain lions without extenuating circumstances. But not everyone agrees with the idea of eliminating the big cats without reason. (Doug Smith)

10 years ago

• The family farm in Mississippi County used to attract northbound Canada geese by the thousands as they made their annual migration northward. We marveled at the beauty and grace of the magnificent birds as they loitered in our winter wheat field. (Bill Cooper)

• For decades we’ve heard the myth about the Conservation Department flying helicopters over the Ozarks and stocking rattlesnakes. When we first heard a rumor that MDC was stocking alligator gar, we wondered if this should be in the same category. (Bob Todd)

15 years ago

• I sat down to wait for the family working its way along the St. Francis River to come from behind the trees and brush. They’d add interest to the photo of the scene below. I turned over small rocks like you’d do on a gravel bar, and there, side by side, were two very interesting bits of rock. One was a bit of black stuff, known as blue granite in this part of the Ozarks. What was different was the purple mineral attached to the side of the rock. (Bob Todd)

• More pen and ink has been expended on the qualities of the trout as a game fish than any other species. The flamboyant led us to believe that trout are the fish of royalty, to be pursued with stuffy etiquette. Others, on the other hand, plow the waters with ungainly globs of concoctions impaled on treble hooks — much like carp fishing. (Bill Cooper)

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