After hearing several gobblers on multiple mornings before season while scouting, I had high hopes for the 2016 spring turkey season.

The weekend before the season my wife and I sat in my parked truck on top of a hill in the middle of the property that I would be hunting. We sat and listened to 4 or 5 different gobblers sound off at the sound of a barred owl that was in the distance. 

After 45 minutes of listening we left, only to return on opening morning. Everything was in place, the gobblers were where they needed to be, and by the sound of things that morning there were several to choose from.

It sounds like I pretty much had this in the bag, right?

When daylight started to break on opening morning of the Missouri 2016 turkey season, the gobblers were exactly where I hoped they would be, just off into the timber that bordered the edge of a grassy power line.

As one of the gobblers would gobble every minute or so I would make my way closer to his roost site, hoping to get close enough for him to fly down and come right to me once I began a calling sequence.

As the morning went on he did just that. He flew off the roost, gobbled a few times, then began heading my way.

However, once he committed to coming my way, so did several hens that were with him. I began catching quick glimpses of the strutting tom through the timber approximately 70 yards away.

After 20 or 30 long anticipated minutes, two gobblers broke away from the hens and were closing the distance on my shotgun range. When one of the gobblers made it to 40 yards, I decided to take the shot.

Unfortunately, after I shot, the gobbler flew away untouched. After I missed, I investigated the surroundings and discovered a couple of small limbs that might have interfered just enough to break up my shot.

The second morning of season I returned to the same general area as the previous morning. Like the day before, multiple toms where gobbling on the roost.

However, this time they were roosted on the edge of the power line, leaving me several hundred yards away.

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