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Cy Young, 11, shot this 8-point buck in Mountain View, Missouri.








cabella young copy

Cabella Young, 8, with her first buck, an 8-pointer, also shot in Mountain View, Mo. The Youngs took turns hunting with their father, Josh Young.







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Caeden Nickelson shot his first buck, an 8-pointer, during the youth hunt on Nov. 1, 2014. Proud parents are Bryce and Cassie Nickelson of Belgrade, Missouri.





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Robin Close shot this 11-point buck on opening morning of rifle season in Newburg, Missouri (about three seconds from Rolla, she said).





reader photos


“While visiting my mother, this is what greeted me when I took her trans to the dumpster. She not only lives in town (Pacific, Missouri), but in a condo development (Westmoor Place Condominiums),” said James Tate.

“The young raccoons were panting and might have been trapped in the hot dumpster. I re-stacked the trash so they could climb out.”




Thank you to Cy, Caeden, Robin, Cabella, and James for sharing with us!