With the summer setting in, it’s easy to just pick up and go to the river and spend a week on the campground, but what about your pets?

Do they stay or do they go? Can someone watch them while you’re gone? Do you know the pet policy where you are going? 

Several families have pets, and when it comes down to leaving them behind, it can be a challenge.

Luckily, several campgrounds in Missouri are pet friendly and encourage families to bring their pets as long as they follow the pet guidelines.

Here are the pet policies of a few campgrounds in different parts of the state:

• Bearcat Getaway Campground, in Lesterville, has allowed pets on the campground for a very long time, and hasn’t seen any issues arise.

“We charge a $2 donation for every pet you bring for the day and $10 per night that they stay that goes to a no-kill animal shelter,” said Mary Bullis, office manager of Bearcat.

Every penny of the donation given will go to organizations like the ASPCA and/or The World Wildlife Fund.

Bearcat does require that all pets be on a leash at all times. Campground visitors are responsible for cleaning up after their pet, and are not allowed on the rafts while floating.

“We encourage you to bring your pets with you floating, but we ask that they not be on a raft in case of it getting popped or damaged,” said Bullis. 

If you are planning on bringing your pet on the river, plan to be in a canoe.

“We occasionally have to remind them to put their animals on a leash but we haven’t had any major issues with allowing pets,” said Bullis.

Bearcat Getaway gets at least a couple dogs every weekend and the staff knows how important your furry friends are to you.

• Boiling Spring Campground, in Dixon, has a little different policy when it comes to pets.

“We allow pets if they are on a leash at all times, and are not vicious pets,” said Gale Helms, owner of Boiling Spring Campground.

Boiling Spring also offers cabin rentals, but the cabins are not pet friendly.

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