Boy, we could sure use some rain! Wildfires are burning up hundreds of acres in Newton and McDonald counties, destroying property and potentially putting firefighters’ lives in danger. rabbits on road

Following are some old Ozarks rain signs. Most of these were recorded and published in 1947 by Mr. Vance Randolph, who spent most of his life in the Ozarks, much of it in McDonald County.

Over a period of several decades Mr. Randolph jotted down superstitious beliefs he picked up, oftentimes purposefully, and filed them away. Some of the people he talked to early on were older folks who were born in the mid-1800s and had always lived in the Ozarks.

Their superstitions are a direct link into a world that is mostly gone. I hope you enjoy these as much as I do:

• If rabbits are seen playing in a dusty road, expect rain soon.

• The bloodstains of a murdered man will liquefy when a big rain is coming.

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