From the September archives of the River Hills Traveler:

5 years ago

• Autumn is that all-too short season between late summer and fall. Dear to the hearts of shotgunners, autumn is a magical time in the field. It is a time of harvest for farmers and hunters alike.

Slightly cooler mornings create an excitement among those first flights of blue-winged teal, stirs to migration by northern breezes and those gray ghosts of the fields, the morning dove. (Bill Cooper)

• Despite growing up in a hunting family, I reached my 20’s before killing a deer. I became a proficient small game hunter during my first two years of college, lowering my grocery bill by hunting weekends on a family-owned farm.

Seeing my interest in hunting, my father turned over my grandfather’s Winchester 1897 pump gun to me. Determined to graduate from small game to deer, I used a week’s earnings from my sunnier job to buy a used .30-30 and a box of cartridges. (Charlie Slovensky)

10 years ago

• Life gets more complicated and more complicated. There’re times when you wish you could figure out a way to cast a different bait for this spot and another and another, cast after cast without so much as picking up a different rod. You wish you could just will it done.

That’s tough enough. But now, I’m afraid if I want to be all the fisherman I can be, I not only need a different lure for every cast, but need a different kind of rod to fish it! (Bob Todd)

•  You probably saw one of those phenoms on the road this morning: that computer with one hand on the side of his or her head, another applying makeup or a shaver, another straightening his tie or brushing her hair, a couple more flipping the pages of a newspaper.

Wait a minute, you must have been seeing things! A body’s only got two hands! Better stop watching the other drivers and focus on the highway, the traffic, and your own vehicle, or you’ll end up in a fender bender! (Charlie Slovensky)

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