From the July archives of the River Hills Traveler:

5 years ago

• The national environmental group American Rivers held a press conference in St. Louis to announce the addition of the Current and Jacks Fork rivers to its annual list of most endangered watersheds.american rivers pic

• A favorite summer pastime is leaping from the lower sections of Sutton’s Bluff into the cool, clear water of the Black River. A forest service campground is located near the low water bridge just downstream from the swimming hole. (Ron Kruger)

15 years ago

• The St. Francis River is the most stable stream, physically, that Bob Todd can think of. Places he remembers from when he began fishing this stream, 40 years ago, look pretty much the same today as then. The St. Francis does not move around much in its flood plain. Change is the exception, rather than the rule, on this stream.

• Missouri’s 2000-2001 river otter harvest was up 30 percent from the previous year. To people in the Ozarks, however, the most important news is a 115 percent increase in otters taken in their area. Missouri trappers caught 1,378 river otters the previous year, compared to 1,058 the year before that.

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