5 years ago

• Their month’s cover subject, Al Agnew, one of the country’s most respected fish and wildlife artists, has supplied many cover illustrations for Trailer over the past 30 years.

Agnew is a man who is blessed to be able to earn a living doing what he loves. Agnew, who was born in Desloge and now lives near St. Genevieve, has been interested in the outdoors and art his entire life. He has successfully combined tho two in his art career.

• Every aspect of our society has become so pigeonholed, we all have became victims of the cookie-cutter syndrome. If we see it on TV, or in a slick magazine, we copy it.

It is called mass merchandising. And it works on the masses to relieve us of our hard-earned money.

Unfortunately, mass merchandising also relieves us of our personal identities and thinking abilities. We follow the leaders and become just another cookie in the jar. (Bill Cooper)

10 years ago

• Well over 100 concerned citizens from Shannon County and the surrounding area gathered at the Eminence High School gym on Saturday evening, Jan. 19.

Voice of the Ozark, founded in mid-October, 2007, held its first official meeting to discuss how to go about protecting area citizens’ right to access to rivers and lands in the Ozarks that are owned and managed by state, federal and private agencies. (Bill Cooper)

• Even a rough day fishing the Gasconade River is memorable. My favorite fishing stream has giving me some of my best fishing memories, and some of my oldest.

One trip was a 4-pound largemouth I caught that had a huge lamprey attached to its side. Another time it was an eagle that swooped over our heads as we waded.

The only hellbender I’ve ever observed in the wild was on the floor the Gasconade. The best, most frantic 45 minutes of smallmouth fishing I’ll ever have came here.

Last fishing trip we took on the Gasconade, in September, was our least successful. But there was enough action, and some surprising catches, to ensure I won’t forget it.

The Gasconade is a bit on the fringe of River Hills country. For me, living in the St. Louis area, it’s the farthest I drive for padding. The fishing keeps me coming back. (Bryan Dent)

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