10 years ago

• The feeble light of the dawning late December morning filtered through the only window in the room.

The old woman hobbled around the old oak table placing plates, silverware, cups and saucers for two. She shuffled slowly on arthritic legs, her white hair pulled severely back into a bun, reflecting the soft glow of the kerosene lamp in the center of the table.

Her stooped shadow circled the walls as she went about her work. (Jim and Donna Featherston)

• If you build it, will they come? You bet! And here they came. A couple dozen or so smaller ducks, circling our blinds at a lower level while perhaps half that number of big ducks circled higher up, in the other direction.

And another group of small ducks roared in from somewhere. The sky above and around us was alive with ducks, gradually getting down into identifiable and shootable range. (Bob Todd)

15 years ago 

• I would not have imagined that the wind roaring through the trees at night would be a highlight of a trip to Taum Sauk Mountain State Park. But it was.

Awakened by the sound of leaves scurrying across the roof of the camper, I lay awake for a few minutes and listened as the wind pushed northward overhead.

I reflected on the fact that this old, old mountain is still here, a rounded off knob of it former self. That’s what a couple of billion years will do to you, I said to myself. (Bob Todd)

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