From the April archives of the River Hills Traveler:

1 year ago

• Years ago someone said that when the gobblers start dragging their wing-feathers on the ground and belting out noise loud enough to make a drummer in a rock band proud, that the morels would stand up.turkey

• Duck numbers proved to be well above the long term average again during the year. Large flights of mallards and pintails continued to arrive in the flooded rice fields of southeast Missouri through the middle part of January.

5 years ago

• Dr. Scott Veasman, a rural veterinarian in Vienna, Mo., was a long-time turkey hunter. He enjoyed decades of good turkey hunting around the countryside near his rural home and farm. But all that changed due to a coyote.

• Turkey populations are down across most of the southeastern U.S. Both hunters and biologists are beginning to point educated fingers on animals such as coyotes.

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