I got married 11 months ago and for our honeymoon we went camping at some different sites around Missouri.

While we were camping we decided to go visit the surrounding towns and visit as many flea markets as we could. 

The first few days we explored Salem and Licking, and the last few days we visited Cuba and Steelville. While in Cuba, we went to this antique store that was so big it was a warehouse-type building.

To make things even better, there was a second store right next door that was just as huge. It was great. I’m a big antique junkie and I could spend hours in just one store.

When I saw the two huge buildings, I just about passed out. The two stores could not have been more different, though.

In my opinion, there are two kind of antique stores: the ones with mounds and mounds of stuff that may be junk to one person and a treasure to another; and ones with things people have taken and repurposed and fixed up to sell.

Now with me personally, I’m more of a digger. I like to get deep into other people’s “junk” to see if I can do anything with any of it. 

But, I do also like to buy cool stuff that was redone that maybe I had never thought of. I also use it as an idea bank. Maybe I never thought about it, but now, I think I might have the stuff to make whatever I saw.

So I’m not picky when it comes to antique stores. I like them all.

The first one we went to was a mix of both. It was called Two Old Crows Antique Mall. They had anything from furniture to fishing reels and antique nicknacks. I found an awesome trunk while we were there and my husband, Joey, bought two fishing reels. Luckily for me, he is also into antique stores.

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