They call it the Mop Fly. I’ve also heard it called the Mop Worm or the Mega Worm.

The reason for the Mop Fly name is because it is made from those new dust mops and dusters that you see everywhere now that have those funny-looking, chenille-looking fingers dangling all over them.

No matter what you call it, it is a very simple fly to tie and a very effective and productive fly for trout.

These dust mops that I refer to can be found at any of those big stores that sell everything or anyplace, for that matter, that sells mops or cleaning materials.

I even found a car wash scrubber at an auto parts store that was made of the same kind of stuff. I asked a clerk if they had any other colors that weren’t on the shelves and he got such a big kick out of learning what I wanted the scrubber for that he yelled for his buddy (after he had stopped laughing)  to come and hear me explain how those little wormy looking things catch fish.

So it’s probably best not to mention your intentions for these funny-looking cleaning tools to store clerks…especially those that don’t fly fish.

Anyway, like I said earlier, the fly is very easy to tie.  You just snip off one of the fingers off the mop or scrubber and tie it securely to the top of the hook. That’s all you really need to catch fish.

However, it never hurts to juice things up a little by starting first with a bead, either brass or tungsten, in order to add weight. You’ll have no trouble finding beads in a wide assortment of colors to match whatever color of material you are using.

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