What kind of maintenance do you need on a log cabin? You don’t need much if you are only looking to keep the structure for a generation.

If a wooden structure is left to the elements for 25 years (one generation), nature will rot the logs in places and start the slow process of rotting the wood, especially in the areas where water is allowed to seep into the grain of the wood.

This is a view of bore damage after power washing.

Some of the most vulnerable areas for water seepage and rot are the ends of the wood and logs. The grain that is exposed at the end will suck up any moisture through capillary action and suck into cells deep inside the wood.

Water and organic material in the wood cells creates a perfect place for aerobic and anaerobic action that will rot wood cells. Other sets of problems that can destroy wood products are: worms, beetles, bores, birds, and mammals all can also degrade wood products.

As you inspect the wood products on your walls of your home, check for damage such as holes, sawdust on the floor or ground, or gnaw marks on the exterior and interior of structure. Holes as small as 1/8th-inch or as large as 4 inches can appear in the wood quicker than expected if not inspected frequently.

Bores are tiny, beetle-like insects that chew into wood products and are about 1/8th-inch in diameter. These beetles leave piles of sawdust behind from the holes they drill.

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