Anagalia Norma Krause was born July 25, 1920, near Alton, Mo. Her family owned a house next to Ross Cemetery above the Eleven Point River. She was married to Anthony Krause.

Krause and her family built by hand 103 concrete steps going down from the road to the river. Each step was built by hand. That is why that fork of the river is called the “Stair Step” hole.

After several years of moving away and working in a shoe factory up north, Anthony and Norma came back to live above the river again. They both worked for the Denning family that owned the 120 acres by Greer Spring.

After a few years, Anthony ended up passing away. Norma took over as caretaker for the family for 35 years.

Then, the Forest Service took it back into ownership and she became a volunteer to watch over the Greer Mill. She was a quiet, hard working, tough, and tender-hearted woman. She loved animals. She owned 3 dogs and a cat. They were very well fed.

She passed away on Jan. 26, 2015. She is buried in Baileys Cemetery between her parents and her husband.

Today, the Greer Spring branch, trail and mill are kept clean as if she is still watching over it. She loved the Eleven Point River and the Greer Spring. It was home to her.

There are so many families that long ago came, settled, and now are gone. There is history everywhere you go along the Eleven Point River.

So, when you come to enjoy this beautiful river, remember, someone else came before you.

(Dana Sturgeon lives in southern Missouri. She can be reached at