April is finally here. With that comes the opening of many seasonal campgrounds in Missouri.

The memories I have made with my daughter on camping trips are priceless, yet I have had so many people inquire about this pastime with great confusion. 

I’ve heard it all. People have complained to me that it sounds like a lot of work, while others ask me how I can manage to do this as a single mom without a man to pitch the tent and build the fire.

However, my favorite line is this: “I camp in hotels.”

Ultimately, I believe that not taking the time and effort to expose children to the great outdoors is detrimental to their development.

Camping teaches children many great lessons ranging from patience to an appreciation of the world around them. It’s an experience that excites the senses in ways that no hotel room could ever achieve.

Maybe you’re not sure where to start. If you are like me and use Google religiously, it can be overwhelming.

When searching “Missouri Campgrounds” Google came up with 603,000 results in .74 seconds.

For now, let’s narrow it down to four that we have had success with!

I am going to start with two that will require you to “rough it” a bit. In other words, there are no showers or flush toilets, but the proximity to beautiful, crystal-clear creeks will totally make up for the lack of modern conveniences.

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