There is a pretty good chance you started out fishing the same way I did. Maybe not, though.

As a young kid, I would chase any fish that swam in my local creeks and rivers. The object of the game was to have fun and to catch something, anything really. Catching bass, perch, some of them like the Longear, the most beautiful around, goggle-eye and catfish. Just about anything I could get to bite. carp ban

And then starting when I was about seven, I started fishing all the lakes with my dad. And that opened up a whole new world of fishing!

Unfortunately somewhere along the way, most of us learn to turn our noses up at some fish while prizing others. Luckily, I never did.

Maybe some rebellious streak, or possibly I’m just an overgrown kid (probably both), but I do still get a thrill catching a big fish, any fish. I especially like fishing for carp, because even average size carp are far bigger than most freshwater species and truly big carp of twenty or even thirty pounds are possible. 

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