To the Editor,

Hi, Mattie & Jimmy. I just wanted to wish both of you and your family a Merry Christmas and I hope that 2017 will find everyone in good health and be full of happiness and adventure.

I again would like to complement you on putting together interesting and useful stories and articles describing our extraordinary Missouri Ozarks. I look forward every month for my copy of the River Hills Traveler

Since the Traveler now covers the entire Ozark region it has taken me to places that I have never heard of before. Because of that I have come up with a supplemental aid that helps me enjoy reading the Traveler even more.

That aid is the DeLorme Atlas & Gazetteer of Missouri. I would like to pass this idea along to your readers where they, too, can enjoy some easy arm chair traveling.

The DeLorme Atlas & Gazetteer of Missouri is an interesting book in itself. It contains detailed topographic maps, GPS grids, and all of the federal, state, county and local roads. There is an index which has the listing and location of National Lands, State Lands, Unique Natural Features, Historic Sites, Attractions, Wineries, Fishing Locations (rivers, creeks and lakes), Scenic Drives, Hunting Locations, Campgrounds, Biking Trails and every city, town and village that is located in Missouri.

When I read articles like Michelle Turner’s describing old fashion Country Stores such as Granny’s Market in Lesterville, Pierpont Store by Rock Bridge, Old Village Mercantile in Caledonia or the Bixby Country Store which is close to Dillard Mill, I can look them up in the atlas and find where they are located.

I did the same when reading Dana Sturgeon’s article on “The Narrows.” I also found the locations of Jolly Mill and Capps Creek CA. in the Atlas.

I use Post-It notes to write down places I would like to visit, such as Granny’s Market or the Narrows, and place them on the appropriate atlas page for future use. I also do the same thing with the advertisers found in the Traveler.

I have placed post-it note on the atlas pages that Arcadia Sporting Goods, Simmons Grocery, Cherokee Pass and Rubles Meats are located and have stopped at all of them.

The DeLorme Atlas & Gazetteer of Missouri is just a good reference tool. You can find the atlas next to my reading chair or in my Jeep.

Where else will I find the names and locations of Furnace Creek, Adams Hollow, Pyrtle Spring, Zenender Sink or Toad Hollow?

Bill Wakefield,
Affton, Mo.