The River Hills Traveler is introducing another monthly feature for the enjoyment of our readers, starting with this issue.

This feature is called “Catch a Smile” and its goal is to add a little humor and some smiles to everyone’s life.

If you have an amusing story, a funny joke or a quotation or saying that you have enjoyed and would like to share, please send it to me at: Bill Wakefield, Traveler St. Louis Branch, 9707 Pauline Place, Affton MO 63123; or email me at

Here’s a few to get the ball rolling:

It was raining hard and a big puddle had formed in front of the little Ozark pub. An old man stood beside the puddle holding a stick with a string on the end and jiggled it up and down in the water.

A curious gentleman asked what he was doing.

“Fishing,” replied the old man.

“Poor old fool” thought the gentleman, so he invited the old man to have a drink in the pub.

Feeling he should start some conversation while they were sipping their whiskey, the gentleman asked, “And how many have you caught today?”

“You’re the eighth.”


Harriet’s husband Herb, an avid fisherman, died suddenly. When she went to take care of the funeral arrangements, the local undertaker asked her how she wanted the obituary to read.

Harriet asked, “What’s the cost?”

“A dollar per word,” replied the undertaker.

“Okay,” Harriet said. “I want it to read ‘Herb is Dead.’”

The undertaker responded, “I’m sorry. It’s a six word minimum.”

Harriet thought for a second and then said, “Okay, let’s have the obituary say, ‘Herb is Dead. Boat for Sale.’”


The two best times to go fishing are when it’s raining and when it’s not. — Fisherman’s Saying


Fish come and go, but it is the memory of afternoons on the stream that endure. — E. Donnall Thomas