Missouri hunters, anglers, and trappers can now use electronic images of permits on mobile devices as legal, valid permits.

Prior to this, hunters, anglers, and trappers had to have paper copies of permits on them when pursuing these activities.

For fishing permits and most hunting permits, an electronic image of the permit — such as a PDF (Portable Document Format) — on a mobile device will be sufficient, according to the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC). The exceptions are for deer and turkey permits.

Deer and turkey hunters must void their permits after harvesting related game animals and report their harvests using the Telecheck harvest reporting system. A simple electronic image of those permits is not sufficient to complete this process. MDC’s free MO Hunting mobile app takes care of these requirements.

MO Hunting enables Missouri hunters, anglers, and trappers to purchase, view, show, and store current hunting, fishing, and trapping permits and associated details. It also shows permits purchased during the previous year.

MO Hunting also lets deer and turkey hunters electronically void their permits and Telecheck their harvests directly from the app. MO Hunting even uploads Telecheck confirmation numbers back to the mobile device and enables hunters to view details on all deer and turkey they have previously checked.

MO Hunting is available in the Google Play and iTunes stores. Deer and turkey hunters must still tag their harvested game if they leave the immediate presence of the harvested animal. Hunters using paper permits may simply attach the voided permit to the animal’s leg.

MDC suggests sealing the paper permit in a zip-loc bag and attaching the bag with string, wire, or tape. Hunters using the MO Hunting app must attach a label with their full name, address, permit number, and date of harvest to the deer or turkey’s leg if they leave the animal unattended.

After being Telechecked, harvested deer and turkeys may be possessed, transported, and stored by anyone when labeled with the permit or any label that includes the full name and address of the hunter, date taken, and Telecheck confirmation number.