From the August archives of the River Hills Traveler:

5 years ago

• Primitive, low-impact camping is like a life lived in relative obscurity. In order to optimize the minimization of your impact on the environment, you have to be prepared. A few things listed include: trash bags, axe or hatchet, lantern hanger, and litter tongs.

Indian Palm Squirre

• The peak of the squirrel population comes in August. Many people are taking advantage of the cool August mornings for fishing, squirrel, and deer hunting. It may be from the changing weather to the ripe hickory nuts that make this the perfect time for hunting.

10 years ago

• My favorite way to get away is to toss the kayak and a fishing rod into the back of the truck and head to the river. Although I have a couple canoes, the kayak is still my first choice if I am going to be floating by myself. (Howard Helgenberg)

• As the temperature outside seemed to get higher, I realized that my adrenaline level was doing the same. Could it be that I had spent the last three hours watching hunting DVDs and had spent an hour watching the Outdoor Channel? (Heath Wood)

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