As we continue to grow we decided it was time to tackle our identity. We recently launched our new name and now we have our new identity.

An organization’s name and identity is important and ideally simple, clear, memorable, and speaks clearly to who and what they do.  

Stream Teams United has a primary goal revolving around the action to UNITE. Established to bolster the state’s largest volunteer network, Stream Teams United acts as a banner for Stream Team’s mission of education, stewardship and advocacy for Missouri’s waters.

We do this by:

• Linking and supporting a network of 19 Stream Team Associations statewide.

• Uniting the voices of Stream Teams in advocacy efforts.

• Joining diverse groups to develop statewide educational programs.

• Combining the volunteer water quality monitoring data to help communicate the State of Missouri’s Streams.

We also are launching a new design for the Stream Team license plate! This was an effort to reach a wider audience of those who appreciate Missouri waterways along with infusing Stream Teams United’s image into the design.

The new version is available now! For those who love the old version, have no fear, you will be able to retain your existing plate.

Visit to get your own personalized plate and showcase your commitment to The Great Rivers State.

Stream Teams United is a not-for-profit organization made up of representatives from Stream Team associations throughout the state. Associations are groups of Stream Teams within watersheds who work together on common goals.

Stream Teams United promotes and supports watershed-based Stream Team associations and the Stream Team program by serving as a resource for information, education, stewardship, and advocacy; by facilitating communication among the Stream Team community; and by serving as a united voice for healthy watersheds in Missouri.

By Holly Neill

(Holly Neill is executive director of Stream Teams United.)