Floating Regulations
  • Call ‘em in close

    At three feet, the turkey’s head appeared as ugly as sin. Wild turkeys are a colorful, beautiful bird, but more so at a distance. Calling turkeys in close requires knowledge of the area you are hunting and a good deal of patience. Inside 10 feet ...

  • “Featherfest” introduces youth to game bird hunting

    Triple Threat - Cole Martin (11), McCoy Kurkrow (10), and Eli Jackson (11) all had a successful hunt. “I never shot a shotgun, and I never shot a clay target,” confirmed 10-year-old Neveah Widener, but she soon found herself doing both before ...

  • Hatchery working with endangered fish

    The Neosho National Fish Hatchery is taking on another endangered species to work with — the Topeka shiner. On Nov. 21, 2014, a partnership was made by the fish hatchery with the U.S. Fish &

  • Cartridge of the Month – .243

    If you have read my previous articles (and you really should because they are freaking awesome) then you probably recall me talking about versatile cartridges. When searching for a versatile handgun cartridge,

  • Stream Team cleans Grand Falls daily

    At the site of one of Missouri’s biggest waterfalls, one man is out every day, keeping the water free of trash. Stream Team #48 is comprised of Ron and Ann Phelps and their son, Robert. For 31 years — since before

  • Angler catches state record paddlefish

    BRANSON, Mo. – The first paddlefish snagging trip for Andy Belobraydic III will be one he’ll remember for the rest of his life. The 33-year-old Richwoods resident turned an already successful day on

  • My quest to see Champion Trees

    In 2011 I discovered the concept of the “Champion Tree.” I was looking up information about how long it takes a tree to grow and mature. We had lost so many after May 22 in Joplin. Estimates are around 20,000